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Carpet Cleaning

All of your fabrics cleaned using a 2006 truck mounted steam cleaning unit and followed up with a fresh water chemical free rinse. You have the option of  "fast dry" technology or traditional wand style cleaning. Wand cleaning usually dries in 6-8 hours and using the rotary style attachment carpets are dry within 1-3 hours.

Regular carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpets and helps maintain a healthier home environment by reducing dust, dirt and other allergens. Cleaning your carpets not only reduces allergens and bacteria in carpets but also freshens the room and gives it that new feeling.

Furniture Cleaning

The first step in upholstery cleaning is doing a thorough pre-inspection to determine the appropriate cleaning requirements. Your fabrics will have a neutral based cleaning agent applied under low pressure. Your furniture is then rinsed with a chemical free freshwater rinse using the Jetless upholstery tool enabling the fabrics to dry 2 to3 times faster. Spot and stain removal products are also included in our cleaning prices.

As a last step the fabrics would be groomed to give them a fresh, new appearance. Teflon is available using special applicators to ensure an even application. Air movers are also used to hasten drying times.

We use state of the art cleaning equipment & technology:

  • 2006 Equipment
  • "Fast dry" technology
  • Spot and stain removal products
  • Spotting kit to take care of your spills

Area Rug Cleanings

Most area rugs can be cleaned right in your home as long as sufficient space is available to do the work. A thorough pre-inspection must be performed to ensure colors are color fast.

By using the rotary fast dry area rugs can be cleaned and dry within minutes removing chances of over wetting removing the dangers from over wetting leading to area rug shrinkage. Your carpets will then be groomed to give them a fresh, new appearance.

Air movers are used to hasten up the drying process.

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